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netX is live
All equipment is fully operational.

We are ready to grow Do not fear, if you're location is not in our current coverage area we may still be able to help. We are always looking for new locations to extend our coverage and will look into the feasability of any rural locations.

How we do it We simply install a small broadband dish on your home or business and beam in broadband directly from our dedicated broadband towers. It's that simple

netX Internet Plans

We have 3 Plans to suit your needs. Plan A for people who are doing their email and checking the weather, trademe and a bit web surfing. Plan B for people who do a fair bit of surfing, facebook, Youtube and maybe watch a few episodes on demand. Plan C for families that surf lots and love their Youtube and Netflix. Plan X We can also provide tailor made solutions both smaller an bigger than our standard plans to suit your needs.

Plan A
20Gb Data 20Mbs*             $39 per month

Plan B
50Gb Data 20Mbs*             $59 per month

Plan C
100Gb Data 20Mbs*             $99 per month

Plan D
200Gb Data 20Mbs*             $149 per month

Plan X
XGb Data XMbs*                   $X per month

All plans have an installation fee of $199

Prices do not include GST

* there are many factors beyond our control that may effect the speed of your connection. Therefor the speed in each plan is indicative only, but we will always do our best to keep your speed at or above that of your plan